List of publications

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This message contains a general list of publications, which will allow you to quickly find the content of interest.


  • Opening remarks

  • Small pleasures: The nuances of selecting a value in a sliser

  • Small pleasures: Fixing the moment of updating the reporting

  • Small pleasures: Visualization of Power Query parameters

  • Small pleasures: Getting rid of Blank

  • Small pleasures: Quick measures, or note to housewives

  • Small pleasures: Calculation of deviations

  • Small pleasures: Large data export

  • Small pleasures: Calendar period marking

  • Small pleasures: A two-line table header removing

  • Small pleasures: Subtotals calculations control

  • Small pleasures: Duplicate values ​​detection

  • Lifestyle: Function Switch

  • Lifestyle: Function Related & Lookupvalue

  • Lifestyle: Function Userelationship


  • Creating a calendar using DAX

  • Nuances of using the built-in date hierarchy

  • Using measures as a switch

  • Project duration tracking

  • Power Query parameters

  • The road to the heavens

  • Line-by-line construction of the report

  • Retrospective

  • Custom sorting

  • Broken hierarchy

  • Design techniques

  • Training the “Q&A” mode to Russian language

  • Early bird gets the worm

  • Checked on myself: Power Apps

  • Preparing forecast

  • Different ways to achieve the goal in MS Power BI

  • Converting time values

  • Measuring the distance by coordinates

  • The standarts of reports development


  • Production schedule

  • Absence report

  • Team’s Birthday

  • First aid kit

  • Pet’s Monitor

  • Curriculum vitae report

  • Tasks assignment for implementers

  • Wedsite statistics

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